Our CSA courses are not only covering international standards of the luxury hospitality sector but are also tailored individually to your concept, onboard requirements and company policies. Each course, from a three-day workshop to a two-week course program, is composed from below modules.

Depending on the target group of staff, e.g. butlers, stewardesses, waiters, the course program will be presented by internationally experienced trainers and consultants who all have a strong background either on yachts, upscale cruise vessels or luxury hotel environments.

Take a glance at our course example to find out what a week-long training can look like!

F&B and Butler Service

It's the variety you find in this role as every day is the same - extraordinary.

Common module contents include:

Etiquette and personal presentation

Product knowledge

Setting the table

Table service in different styles

Catering to special needs such as allergies

Recommending wine and other drinks

Preparing coffee and tea

Mixing cocktails

The etiquette of entertaining

Paking and unpacking

Flower arrangements

Wardrobe and shoe service

Working with other departments

Marie-Claude Metrot

Etiquette & Protocols,

Butler & Majordome Education

Samantha Watson

Yacht Interior Management

Conny Fanger

Personal Assistance &



It's about admiring a spotless suite before everyone else does.

Common module contents include:


Equipment, chemicals and utensils

Cleaning standards and efficient routines

Caring for specific materials

Closet organization

Laundry services

Creating the perfect state room

Teamwork and communication

Marie-Claude Metrot

Etiquette & Protocols

Marilu Olvera

Housekeeping &


Guest Relations and Concierge

It's the guest's smile that proofs your commitment and personal attention.

Common module contents include:

Introduction to Les Clefs d'Or

Professional etiquette and phone etiquette

Front Office standards and software

Complaint management

Adopting to and preparing for new destinations

Reservation policies

Information hub between guest and ship

Receiving and communicating messages

Inter-departmental communication

Maintaining guest preferences and logs

Luggage and transport organization

Saftey and security

Helmut Schöffel

Concierge Service

Dale Moffitt

Guest Relations & Management

Daniela Chan

Guest Relations

Spa and Fitness

Providing a lush haven for tranquility and relaxation through a soothing experience.

Common module contents include:

Grooming, etiquette and presence

Reservation management

Welcoming experience

Treatment setups

Wellbeing beyond treatment

Cross-selling & up-selling

Team spirit& communication

Fitness programs for all types and ages

Sea-day special programs

Hair & beauty

Conny Fanger

Spa & Wellness

Catherine Klaffer

Fitness & Wellbeing

Managing Excellence

It's taking on new responsibilities in order to ensure a constantly evolving guest experience.

Common module contents include:

Etiquette and professional presentation

Company, policy, guest knowledge

Schedules and routines

Complaint management

Personal leadership skills

Conducting meetings

Efficiently dealing with staff matters

Preparing staff handbooks and SOPs

Working with budgets

Enteratining guests

Case studies / best practices workshop

Dale Moffitt

Guest Relations & Management

Marilu Olvera

Housekeeping & Management

Emanuel Schreiner

Organisation & Management

Samantha Watson

Yacht Interior Management

Catherine Klaffer

Life Coaching & Wellbeing